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Samuel Parkes VC MedalsThe Medals

These are the medals awarded to Private Samuel Parkes VC.

 They are as follows: Centre is the Victoria Cross and below that is The British Crimea Campaign medal which bars for Sebastopol, Alma and Balaklava. To the left is the Ghunznee Medal and to the right is The Turkish Crimean Medal awarded by the Turkish Government to all allied forces who took part in The Crimean War.

The interesting story of the second VC

Why Parkes had two VCs is not clear, but the subsequent story of his medals is itself complex. At what date either Parkes himself or his family lost or sold his medals is unknown. The original VC presented by Queen Victoria in 1857 turned up in 1940 when it was  sold in London. It was sold again in 1953 to an anonymous benefactor of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, together with Parkes' Ghuznee medal. He gave them both to their Museum but the Norfolks returned them so that they could be offered to the 4th Hussars - whose officers bought them at auction. As for the duplicate, the RUSI Museum catalogue (1924 edition) states "Experts have been consulted, but they are unable to say which, on comparing them, is the genuine one." On the closure of that Museum in 1963, it was given to the Museum of the Green Howards as a copy with instructions that when they no longer wanted it it was to be destroyed. They subsequently did that so it no longer exists.


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