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The Wigginton Monument is the ultimate Monument to Samuel Parkes VC and was erected and dedicated to him in his home village of Wigginton, just outside Tamworth on September 14th 2011. It is a 10ft obelisk and is known as “The Samuel Parkes VC Wigginton War Memorial” The site where the obelisk has been erected is on the small village green and and within a short distance from where it is believed he was actually born in 1815. The above image is what it  looks like and is a fitting tribute to Samuel Parkes VC. Wigginton's finest son.

Wigginton people were greatly honoured when HRH The Countess of Wessex visited the village on dedication day and she laid a wreath in honour of Samuel Parkes VC. The local school and schoolchildren were extremely involved in the day and the Countess met all the children which was a delight. 

It was the finest and most spectacular day the village has ever seen, with a Royal visitor, much pageantry, military presence and so forth. Indeed it was Wigginton's finest hour.

The villagers of Wigginton were deeply committed to the project and raised all the funds towards erecting this obelisk. It had the backing of their County Councillor and also the local Parish Council. It will also be a war monument to the villagers of Wigginton who lost their lives in service to their country.

This monument is the third and final monument to Samuel Parkes VC. The first in May 1999 was the tablet placed on his previously unmarked paupers grave in Brompton, London. He had lain in that unmarked plot of ground since his death in 1864.  The second in June 2004 was a plaque in St Editha's church, Tamworth. This is the church where he was he was baptised in 1815. The obelisk monument dedicated on September 14th 2011 is the finest, and will complete a three corner triangle, his place of burial, his place of baptism and finally at the place of his birth. The spirit of Samuel Parkes VC has come home to Wigginton.

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